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At Black-Dog we noticed end users in the retail, and in particular, the F&B; sector having to choose between a well known chemical brand, offering a fixed range of chemicals that were either formulated for other international markets and/or were unsuitable for the customers’ specific needs and food safety guidelines or selecting from large range of products, from a wholesaler, with little or no technical expertise or backup.

Some key points...

At Black-Dog we know that a lot of customers want the peace of mind they get from using the correct chemicals for the job without having to pay more than necessary for them.

Black-Dog understands that hygiene is a business-critical area, so food safe sanitisers are very important but we also appreciate that the majority of a food business’s monthly bill is for the more commodity type products.

Black-Dog can offer our clients a sanitiser that is bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, sporicidal, yeasticidal. A sanitiser that is it also food-safe, on the EU biocides regulation approved list (BPR), that is tested to BSEN1276 and does not need to be rinsed off. While, at the same time, offering value-for-money and effective warewash chemicals, janitorial and paper products.

At Black-Dog, we believe the client should choose the service level that suits them. Whether they want systems backed up and supported by ‘real-time’ audit software which helps its customers monitor and track hygiene standards throughout their business, or just a reliable delivery of what they ordered, when they want it.

At Black-Dog, we don’t rest on our laurels; we continually check that all of our products are as good as they can be, whilst having the minimal impact on the environment.

To ensure we deliver the best service to our customers we have a nationwide network of engineers who are always on-call. On a day-to-day basis, our team of engineers carry out:

  • All new installations of equipment in our customers’ premises
  • Emergency call outs
  • Routine service requirements

The team also provide an invaluable technical resource to our customers’. This includes anything from troubleshooting to answering general maintenance queries.

To ensure we are offering reliable and efficient nationwide coverage to all of our customers we have distribution centres in key locations around the UK. Unlike other suppliers in the industry we offer a NEXT DAY NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

All orders received before 12 noon are delivered next day (with the exception of Sunday) and our service even extends to Saturday too.

We are responsible operators who are committed to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment. Our fleet currently runs DAF Euro 5 engines which comply with EEV emissions standards and reduces fuel consumption and emission levels.

Fundamental to our business ethos is developing revolutionary products. For example, our bio-range of products uniquely offers uncompromising cleaning and sanitising performance whilst minimising the impact on the environment. Our range utilises raw materials derived from natural sources that are readily biodegradable wherever possible.

ALL our chemical and paper products are UK-manufactured – none of them are tested on animals.

Full COSHH and Product Technical Information DATA is available to all customers. We also manage COSHH data and training records for many of our clients making compliance easier and simpler for them to manage. .

Our unique product labelling systems also gives a simple outline of the hazard rating for each product, making it easy for your staff to understand the nature of the risk of what they are using for its safe use as well as how to use it efficiently.

Black-Dog ensures that this area of your business is easy to manage, offering simplistic cost controls using auto-dosing systems.

These systems ensure the correct amount of product is used every time, giving you consistency throughout knowing that everyone is using the same dilution rates across the business maintaining theeme hygiene and infection control protocols. This in turn gives excellent cost in use benefits knowing that every service user is using the same amount of chemicals 24 hours a day.

Accurate dosing saves money by reducing overuse of products, spills and casual theft. And because the system is automated, direct contact with a potentially hazardous chemical is virtually removed making a safer, tidier environment and leaves your staff free to carry out other tasks, increasing their productivity.

Our range includes but not limited to

Automotive Solutions & AdBlue®

Disinfectants & Sanitisers

Detergent, Powders & Liquids

Dishwash Liquids, Rinse Aids & Tablets

Detergents, bleaches & floorcare Products

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