Industrial Solutions

At Black-Dog we noticed that large industrial users have chosen chemicals and lubricants, often through trial and error, that were fit for their purposes. However we discovered that they were not benefitting from the economies of scale that their levels of usage should have delivered.

In one case a client was using a particular chemical in large quantities that was only available in 1L bottles. As a trusted partner we were asked for a solution and we sourced a product that was available in 1000L IBC’s. Delivering the same outcome but for significantly less.

In another case, a customer was buying a branded lubricant that was, in fact, a generic product; again we were asked to help and saved the client 50% on their lubricant spend.

Another customer has been informed by their supplier that the product they were switching to would not increase their chemical bill. We had that analysed for them and found that it was not the equivalent of what they are currently using and was, in fact, a lot weaker. This has potentially saved them a huge amount.

Our range includes but not limited to

Automotive Solutions & AdBlue®

Disinfectants & Sanitisers

Detergent, Powders & Liquids

Dishwash Liquids, Rinse Aids & Tablets

Detergents, bleaches & floorcare Products

Why us?

At Black-Dog we are not tied to one manufacturer or supplier and this gives us the flexibility to use our years of experience, in the industry, to find the best sources to meet our client’s efficacy and budgetary requirements.